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Connecting devices to IoT via wireless mesh networks

OS patches

Patch is a special plug-in for small OS improvement or possible bug fixing.

Patch  fixing the DQI indication bug in checkRF function. Recommended for OS v3.04D, build 0666. It must not be uploaded via RFPGM wireless upload.
Patch  improving RF RX timeout. Recommended for all OS v3.03D only applications using Wait Packet End feature (the _WPE flag).
RFRX patch  for OS v2.11, build < 087B
Extended noise imunity against intensive network traffic.
Improved replacement of the 100524 version.
writeToRAM patch  for OS v2.10 and v2.11, build < 0891
Error in writing the 0x140 value using the writeToRAM function if IRP=1 fixed for OS versions mentioned above.
OS patch