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Connecting devices to IoT via wireless mesh networks

IQRF IDE Command

TR programmer (uploader) running from the command line


Intended for:

  • Experienced developers - to make design process faster and more effective.
  • Unskilled operators - to speed up and secure the manufacturing. Simply run a batch file by a single stroke, avoiding an operator's failure.

Devices supported:

  • Transceivers TR-5xB, TR-5xD, TR-7xD or higher
  • All IQRF USB development kits (CK-USB-04(A), …)
  • IQRF gateways with USB interface (GW-USB/ETH/GSM/WIFI)

Windows supported:

  • Tested for Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7 and Vista
  • Not tested for Windows XP

Please, always use the latest IDE Command version. The upgrade is very simple - just an unzipping the .ZIP package.

PDF  USB drivers installation guide - Step by step instructions and troubleshooting
PDF  Release notes – IQRF IDE history