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IQRF Startup package

Release notes

5 Nov 2018 - For OS v4.03D, DPA v3.03 and IDE v4.48 at TR-7xD

Updated for IDE v4.48.

  • CustomDpaHandler-ChangeIQRFOS.iqrf file updated.
  • IQRF IDE v4.48:
    • Changes and enhancements:
    • Downgrade from IQRF OS 4.03D to 4.02D possible.

26 Oct 2018 - For OS v4.03D and DPA v3.03 at TR-7xD

Updated for OS v4.03D, DPA v3.03 and IDE v4.47.

  • OS v4.03D:
    • Smart connect based on IBK (Individual Bonding Key)
    • Dedicated fixed service RF channels
    • Operating RF channel inherited from network Coordinator during bonding
    • 4 B FRC
    • LED control more user-friendly
    • Some minor improvements
    • Macros and examples updated and extended
    See Release notes and Migration notes.
  • DPA v3.03:
    • Changes and enhancements:
      • IQRF OS v4.03D supported
      • IBK and Smart connect supported
      • Default bonding sleep timeout extended to 5 hours
      • DSM (DPA Service Mode) slightly improved
      • Custom DPA handlers and examples updated and extended
    • New features:
      • New commands Smart connect, Validate bonds, LED Flashing and Set MID
      • 4 B FRC supported
      • New embedded FRC command Test RF Signal
    • A lot of other enhancements
    • Several bug fixes
    See Release notes.
  • IQRF IDE v4.47:
    • Changes and enhancements:
      • IQRF OS v4.03D and DPA v3.03 supported
      • Device enumeration added to the CATS service tool
      • IQRF Repository supported (non-beta)
      • GW-GSM-02A FW 3.13, GW-USB-06 FW 1.08 and CK-USB-04A FW 1.15 supported
    • Features added:
      • IQRF Code Tool for encoding/decoding of the IQRF Code
      • IQMESH Network manager supports IQRF Smart connect
      • NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA editors supported
    • A lot of other enhancements
    • Several bug fixes
    See Release notes.
  • New C compiler version: CC5X Version 3.7A FREE edition, included in IQRF IDE
  • IQRF SPI and CDC support IBK
  • Documentation:
    • IQRF Quick start guide updated
    • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides updated for OS v4.03D
    • IQRF DPA Framework technical guide updated for DPA v3.03
    • IQRF SPI technical guide and IQRF CDC technical guide updated

28 Jun 2018 - For OS v4.02D and DPA v3.02 at TR-7xD

Updated for TR-77D, TR-78D, IDE v4.46 and DK-SW2-01.

  • TR-77D and TR-78D transceiver series supported.
  • DK-SW2-01 development kit supported.
  • IQRF IDE v4.46:
    • IQRF Repository supported (beta).
    • MPLAB X supported as an external source code editor.
    • New version of compiler included: CC5X Version 3.6 FREE edition.
    • Default compiler build options changed from -a -bu -Q -Vn -cif -dc to -a -gb -GS -Vn -cif -dc -AH.
    • IBK (Individual Bonding Key) supported. IBK will be utilized in future OS versions.
    • Several bugs fixed, minor repairs and improvements.
    See Release notes.
  • DPA macros (file DPA-macros.iqrfmcr) revised, macros for PWM removed.
  • Basic example E09-LINK revised, TR-77D support added.
  • IoT-StarterKit-01 renamed to UP-IQRF-IoT-Starter-Kit
  • Documentation:
    • Datasheets for all TR transceivers revised.
    • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides slightly revised.
    • UP-IQRF-IoT-Starter-Kit User's guide updated and renamed to Getting_started_guide_UP-IQRF-IoT-Starter-Kit.

20 Nov 2017 - For OS v4.02D and DPA v3.02 at TR-7xD

Updated for DPA 3.02.

  • DPA v3.02:
    • Changes and enhancements:
      • Autoexec and IO Setup can use embedded peripherals that are not enabled in the HWP Configuration.
    • New features:
      • New API variable RxFilter.
    • Bug fixes:
      • Fixed an issue when during precise sleep the current drawn jumps by a few µA under certain GPIO settings.
      • Fixes and enhancements at CustomDpaHandler-AutoNetwork example.
See Release notes.

13 Nov 2017 - For OS v4.02D and DPA v3.01 at TR-7xD

Updated for TR-75DA and IQRF IDE v4.45.
- TR-75DA transceiver supported.
- IQRF OS header files updated for TR-75D.

  • IQRF IDE v4.43:
    • Bugs Fixed: Minor repairs and improvements.
    • Changes and Enhancements:
      • (DC)TR-75D transceiver supported.
      • GW-GSM-02A FW 3.12 added to the IQRF Device Manager.
    See Release notes.
  • Documentation:
    • Datasheets for all TR transceivers revised.
    • CK-USB-04A and DK-EVAL-04A updated for TR-75DA.
    • IQRF OS Reference guide updated for TR-75D. Some minor improvements.

23 Aug 2017 - For OS v4.02D and DPA v3.01 at TR-7xD

Updated for IQRF OS v4.02D, DPA v3.01 and IQRF IDE v4.43.
TR and DCTR not differentiated. All TRs support both OS as well as DPA approaches.
TR upload via SPI or CDC available.
IQRF Alliance DPA interoperable standard specification updated.
IQRF developer/manufacturer changed from MICRORISC to IQRF Tech (the MICRORISC's spin-off).

  • IQRF OS v4.02D:
    • TR/DCTR fusion implemented.
    • TR upload extended and fully documented. See IQRF SPI Technical guide.
    • Fixed a bug in 2B FRC individual packets processing for not discovered Nodes in range with the Coordinator only.
    • Fixed an RFPGM bug in OS v4.01D (see below).
    • Higher immunity against possible failure of RF IC.
    • Some minor improvements
    See IQRF OS History and Migration notes.
  • DPA v3.01:
    • IQRF OS v4.02D supported.
    • HWP plug-in files renamed from GeneralHWP… to HWP…
    • HWP-Node-STD without Interface support available.
    • New features regarding BondingButton Event, Selective Batch and Clear & Write & Read Command.
    • UART Peripheral and UART Interface support also 230400 Baud rate.
    • Lots of other changes and enhancements.
    See Release notes.
  • IQRF IDE v4.43:
    • IQRF OS 4.02D supported.
    • IQRF OS 4.01D not supported.
    • DPA v3.01 supported.
    • IQRF Alliance interoperability standard supported (beta).
    • Packet inspector enhanced.
    • GW-USB-06 FW 1.07 added to the IQRF Device Manager.
    • Upload of user application in CDC IQRF USB mode supported for IQRF OS 4.00D and higher.
    • CC5X C compiler User´s Guide is not included as a separate file but is automatically installed within the IDE installation and is available via the IDE Help menu.
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
    See Release notes.
  • Documentation:
    • All documentation updated for:
      • TR/DCTR fusion.
      • The IQRF developer/manufacturer change to IQRF Tech.
    • All TR datasheets slightly updated and revised. Mechanical drawings and recommended PCB layouts revised.
    • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides updated for OS v4.02D. Some minor improvements and bug fixes.
    • IQRF SPI and IQRF CDC Technical guides revised. Chapter TR upload added into both of them.
    • IoT StarterKit-01 User's guide available.

14 Aug 2017 - For OS v4.01D and DPA v3.01 at TR-7xD

This version is removed 18 Aug 2017 due to a serious bug.

Do not perform RFPGM (wireless upload) of TR transceivers with IQRF OS v4.00D using IQRF IDE CATS based on TR with OS v4.01D, otherwise the OS inside the TRs become corrupted.

Workaround: A corrupted TR can be recovered at the user. Contact IQRF support for instructions in this case.

We apologize for your inconvenience. IQRF OS v4.02D and IDE v4.43 fixing this bug will be available by the end of August.

1 Jun 2017 - For OS v4.00D and DPA v3.00 at TR-7xD

Updated for IQRF IDE v4.41, IQRF Alliance interoperable products and IoT StarterKit-01.

  • IQRF IDE v4.41:   » History
  • PRELIMINARY support for IQRF Alliance standard (to design interoperable products)
    • IQRFAstandard.h and IQRFA_HWPID.h header files added to DPA header files.
  • IoT StarterKit-01:
    • IoT StarterKit-01 folder added to Examples\DPA.
    • Demo Project, DPA macros and configuration file for IQRF IDE available.
  • Documentation:
    • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides slightly updated.

23 Mar 2017 - For OS v4.00D and DPA v3.00 at TR-7xD

Updated for IQRF OS v4.00D, DPA v3.00 and IQRF IDE v4.40. For TR-7xDx only. TR-5xDx not supported any more.

  • TR-72D and TR-76D: Datasheets updated for OS v4.00D
  • IQRF OS v4.00D:
    • Packet structure changed
    • Packet structure changed
    • Extended security based on AES-128 encryption
    • Deep sleep mode
    • DPA is the only recommended way for IQMESH implementation
    • Networking with more than 240 devices is not supported
    • Lots of other enhancements
  • » OS history

  • DPA v3.00:
    • IQRF OS v4.00D supported
    • For DCTR-7xD only. DCTR-5xD is not supported from DPA v3.00.
    • Demo DPA version is not released any more
    • DPA for [CN] devices is not released any more
    • New features:
      • Command Set Security
      • Deep sleep feature at Sleep
      • DPA API function DpaApiSetRfDefaults
      • IQRF OS Change process can also change the DPA version at the same time
    • Lots of other enhancements
  • » DPA Technical guide

  • IQRF IDE v4.40:
    • OS v4.00D and DPA v3.00 supported
    • TR-77D supported (beta)
    • GW-USB-07 supported (beta)
    • Czech help removed
    • Features added:
      • RF Scanner within CATS
      • Encryption supported in TR Configuration
      • Log background communication of IQMESH Network Manager
      • Microsoft Visual Studio editor supported
    • Lots of other enhancements
    • Several bugs fixed
  • » IDE history

  • IQRF Quick start guide updated for OS v4.00D

3 Oct 2016 - For OS v3.08D and DPA v2.28 at TR-7xD and TR-5xD

  • Updated for DPA v2.28 and IDE v4.36.
    • DPA v2.28 - This is the ending major DPA release for DCTR-5xD.
      • Maximum data block length for EEPROM peripheral extended from 32 B to 55 B.
      • Bugs fixed:
        • Fixed an issue when more LP mode [N] devices restarted at the same time caused some of them to delay their start by approximately 2 seconds.
        • Fixed an issue when the demo DPA version [C] device responded with ERROR_NADR when broadcast address or temporary address was specified in the request. Same applies to the demo version of [CN] device at Bridge command.
        • Fixed an issue when the PWM peripheral or the corresponding CustomDpaHandler-UserPeripheral-PWM.c example generated unwanted output glitch when PWM parameters were set.
        • Improved Sleep accuracy at DCTR-7xD for times above 2 s.
      » Release notes
    • IQRF IDE v4.36
      • Several changes and enhancements
      • Minor repairs and improvements.
      • Several bugs fixed.
      » Release notes
  • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides slightly updated.

  • 27 Apr 2016
    • Updated for DPA v2.27 and IDE v4.35.
      • DPA v2.27
        • Write HWP configuration byte command enhanced.
        • Several minor changes, especially regarding configuration.
        » Release notes
      • IQRF IDE v3.35
        • IQMESH Network Manager slightly enhanced.
        • Minor repairs and improvements.
        • Several bugs fixed.
        » Release notes
    • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides slightly updated.

  • 10 Mar 2016
    • Updated for IQRF OS 3.08D, DPA v2.26 and IDE v4.34.
      • IQRF OS v3.08D
        • 916 MHz and 433 MHz bands supported.
        • Number of RF channels higher than for TR-5xD transceivers.
        • Several minor changes, side effects and small bugs fixed.
        » Migration notes
      • DPA v2.26
        • Custom DPA handler for changing IQRF OS version over the network
        • Autonetwork examples support LP mode
        • Several new features, changes and bug fixes
        » Release notes
      • IQRF IDE v3.34
        • Several features added in IQMESH Network Manager
        • GW-UNI-01 supported (IQRF Alliance product)
        • Several changes, enhancements and bugs fixed
        » Release notes
      • Examples for IQRF OS
        • All examples tested for OS 3.08D
        » Release notes
    • TR-72D and TR-76D datasheets updated

  • 8 Dec 2015
    • Updated for DPA v2.24 and IDE v4.32.
    • DPA StartUp project:
      • General HWP plug-ins added
      • Custom DPA Handler source file added
      • Paths to compile Custom DPA Handlers added to the Project Properties
    • Custom DPA handler project: Removed.
    • DPA macros: Macros for pulse LEDR and pulse LEDG added.
    • E09-LINK.c example: Comments slightly modified.

  • 6 Nov 2015
    • Updated for DPA v2.23.
    • Tech_Guide_SPI_TR-7xD changed.
    • External SPI master example modified.

  • 8 Oct 2015
    • Updated for DPA v2.22.
    • IQRF IDE Autonetwork macro updated for DPA 2.22
    • IQRF OS includes: IQRF OS function setTXpower renamed to setRFpower
    • TR-72D datasheet updated for latest ETSI directives
    • TR-76D datasheet released

  • 23 Sep 2015
    • Updated for DPA v2.21 and IDE v4.31.
    • IQRF OS User's and Reference guides slightly updated.
    • CK-USB-04A User's guide slightly updated.v
    • Macro buttonPressed (IQRF-macros.h) changed from pin RA5 to RB4.
    • Macros for Autonetwork-embedded added to IQRF IDE DPA macros.
    • E15-EXTENDED-FLASH.c added to basic examples.

  • 20 Aug 2015 – First release for TR-7xD and OS v3.07D
    • For IQRF OS v3.07D, DPA v2.20 and IQRF IDE v4.30.
    • Startup package structure changed (compared to older versions for TR-5xD).