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How to start – the first IQRF design

To complete IQRF design, you actually need just the following:

You can watch a couple of the first videos from IQRF Video tutorial set. About IQRF and How to are explained there.

Choose one of the two approaches:

  • Under DPA - Using Hardware profiles under the DPA framework, mostly without programming (the higher application level). For network application this easier approach is highly recommended.
  • Under OS - Programming TR tansceivers directly under OS, in C language (the lower application level).

Visit the Design procedure page for overview and follow IQRF Quick start guide for step-by-step instructions (including installation directions).

From the Startup package, give attention primarily on the following documentation:

Under DPA

Under OS

For information related to hardware refer to the datasheet of given TR transceiver.

IQRF Startup package v170814 has been removed due to a serious bug in RFPGM.
ZIP  StartUp Package – complete starter bundle
23 Nov 2018
PDF  Release notes – IQRF Startup package history.
        Serious bug in IQRF IDE v4.48 and Startup package version 5 Nov 2018 present. » Workaround
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