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Third party materials

Datasheet of the transceiver ICs by RFM used in IQRF TR modules: TR1000, TR1001, TR8000, TR8001, TR3000, TRC102.
18 Nov 2009
Datasheet of PIC16LF88 (Microchip) - MCU used in specific TR modules - not recommended for new designs.
18 Nov 2009
Temperature sensor MCP9700 inside TR-5xB
18 Nov 2009
MCU inside TR-5xB
18 Nov 2009
RF IC inside TR-5xD transceivers
19 Sep 2011
Temeprature sensor inside TR-5xD
19 Sep 2011
Temperature sensor
29 Nov 2011
Datasheet of RF IC inside TR-62D
01 Oct 2010