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ZIP IQRF USB drivers - For computers where IQRF IDE is not installed
12 Aug 2015
12 Aug 2015

USB Custom device

PC SW demo illustrating how to use USB in user IQRF applications communicating with PC or another computer supporting USB, like the CK-USB-04(A) kit with IQRF IDE.

Custom device class is supported by all IQRF USB devices (e.g. CK-USB-04A and GW-USB-06). This support is implemented in main MCU of the device (but not in the MCU in TR module).

USB Custom device


  • PC with proper USB driver installed (WinUSB or MPUSB). (This is usually performed as a part of IQRF IDE installation. See IQRF Quick Start guide and IQRF USB Drivers Installation guide.)
  • CK-USB-04(A)firmware supporting given USB driver, connected to PC via USB
  • TR transceiver with the E07-SPI SPI communication example (one of basic IQRF examples, included in IQRF Startup package) uploaded, plugged in the CK-USB-04(A) kit.

WinUSB driver

Demo for WinUSB driver by Microsoft. Complete project for Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Studio.

ZIP USB Custom device example for WinUSB driver
12 Aug 2015
INFO Product history - Release notes
12 Aug 2015

MPUSB driver

Demo for MPUSB driver by Microchip. Complete project for C++ Builder XE3.

ZIP USB Custom device example for MPUSB driver
9 May 2013
ZIP USB API library - by Microchip
8 Aug 2012
INFO Product history - Release notes
6 Feb 2013

USB CDC class

See CK-USB-04A.