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E-mail us – technical

Submit a question and our experienced support team will respond.
Use this form for technical matters only.

Please, before you post a question:

  • Watch the appropriate IQRF video tutorial.
  • Read all relevant IQRF technical documentation and web pages.
  • If it is possible, check your task using IQRF original HW (e.g. development kit DK-EVAL-04A) and/or SW (an example from IQRF Startup package).
  • See IQRF technology FAQ whether your question has been answered there.
  • Think about attending IQRF training.
  • To develop your project faster and more efficiently, think about IQRF FAE (field application engineer to provide an assistance or fully complete your design).

When posting a question:

  • Provide us with all relevant information, e.g. TR transceiver version, IQRF OS version and build, DPA version, TR configuration, IQRF IDE instance (which can easily be transferred to Windows clipboard by the Copy button in menu Help/About), …