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TR-78D series

Smart transceiver

Product status: Obsolete  Info

  • TR-58D-RJ successor, circuitry similar to TR-72D
  • RF bands: 868 MHz and 916 MHz, SW selectable
  • RF power 4.5 mW
  • Serial EEPROM 32 KB
  • Precision temperature sensor (optional)
  • On-board PCB antenna
  • 2 LEDs
  • RJ-45 connector, 8 pins, 4 I/Os
  • Power supply 3.1 - 5.3 V
  • Fully coated, shielding can
  • O-ring washer, waterproof
  • Resistive against UV radiation

TR-78D block diagram

Ordering codes

Type Temperature sensor Data controlled
TR-78DA Yes
TR-78DAT Yes Yes

The transceivers are provided with current OS version and disabled RFPGM (wireless upload) after reset.
Older OS versions or versions with enabled RFPGM are available on request.