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Product status: Obsolete  Info

Smart transceiver

  • Embedded Wireless M-Bus protocol
    EN 13757-4:2005
  • Modes S1, T1, S2 and T2
  • UART - Wireless M-Bus converter
  • RF band 868 MHz
  • RF output power up to 7 mW
  • External serial EEPROM 2 KB
  • Options: on-board PCB antenna, U.FL connector
  • SIM card format
  • Power supply 3.1 - 5.3 V
  • Extra low power consumption
  • Without IQRF OS

TR-62D block diagram

Typical usage

TR-62D usage

Ordering codes

Type Antenna option
TR-62D Soldering pad-hole
TR-62DC Coaxial connector for antenna cable CAB-U.FL or CAB-U.FL/SMA
TR-62DA On-board PCB antenna

These transceivers are available after signing the NDA (Non-disclorure agreement) only. Contact the IQRF Sales department.

PDF   MCU datasheet - PIC16LF1938
PDF   3D models in STEP (AutoCAD and SolidWorks) and EPRT (eDrawings free viewer). For brief guidance only.
PDF   Product history - Release notes