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Interface between IQRF and the rest of the world

  • Simple standard interfaces are accessible directly by TR modules: SPI, UART, I2C, …
  • Complex standards – USB, Ethernet, GSM, WiFi, … can be accessed via gateways (GW).
  • Human operator can access IQRF network also via VCP (visual control panels) - gateways with keypads and displays / touchscreens.
  • Gateways offer also additional functionality: performance, extended memories, inputs / outputs, time / date, …
  • The most demanded gateway function is a datalogger to collect events and data. Easily accessed and controlled from Internet via IQRF Cloud.
  • An IQRF gateway can easily be created from any general purpose Linux microcomputer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) using the IQRF GW Daemon software package.
Gateway principle

IQRF Cloud principle

  Gateways and Cloud   Remote control of your wireless network via Internet – tutorial video.