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UP-IQRF IoT Starter Kit 01

Development set for IoT with UP Board by AAEON as a high performance IQRF gateway

This product has been renamed from IoT-StarterKit-01 to UP-IQRF IoT Starter Kit 01.

For quick developing of your professional wireless IoT application.

IQRF DPA interoperable product. Developed within IQRF Alliance, with AAEON.

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DS-IOT-01-part1 DS-IOT-01-part2 UP board

Supported by an extensive SW for wireless, a part of IQRF SDK, including IQRF Daemon supporting multiple communication channels: UDP, MQ and MQTT.

» Typical arrangement with a cloud and open source flow-based programming environment Node-Red:

With UP Board

Individual wireless devices are controlled by DPA commands implemented in ready-to-use Custom DPA handlers specialized for this set. The handlers specify HWP identification (HWPID) to individual devices which allows their identification and DPA interoperability.

Products included Pcs Description
DS-IOT-01 1 Basic IORF development set for IoT
UP Board 1 Computer board by AAEON, with 32 GB eMMC memory

Ordering code: UP-IQRF IoT Starter Kit 01

» More info at IQRF Alliance pages

Technical support:

  • Regarding IQRF, wireless and DS-IOT-01:
  • Regarding Up board and Linux:

UP community by AAEON

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ZIP  StartUp Package – IQRF starter bundle with complete IoT-StarterKit-01 SW support
20 Nov 2017

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