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Development set for IoT with UP Board by AAEON as a high performance IQRF gateway

For quick developing of your professional wireless IoT application.

IQRF DPA interoperable product. Developed within IQRF Alliance.

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DS-IOT-01-part1 DS-IOT-01-part2 UP board

Supported by an extensive SW for wireless, a part of IQRF SDK, including IQRF Daemon supporting multiple communication channels: UDP, MQ and MQTT.

IQRF Daemon is still under the intensive development. Now it is available just as an evaluation version. Full version v1.00 will be released on the occasion of IQRF Summit on 7 June 2017.

» Typical arrangement with Microsoft Azure cloud and open source flow-based programming environment Node-Red:

With UP Board

Individual wireless devices are controlled by DPA commands implemented in ready-to-use Custom DPA handlers specialized for this set. The handlers specify HWP identification (HWPID) to individual devices which allows their identification and DPA interoperability.

Products included Pcs Description
DS-IOT-01 1 Basic IORF development set for IoT
UP Board 1 Computer board by AAEON, with 32 GB eMMC memory

Ordering code: IoT-StarterKit-01

Delivery of this new product is after 7 June 2017.

Ordering code Price [EUR] Pieces
IoT-StarterKit-01 350.00 price info

» Much more up-to-date info at IQRF Alliance pages

Technical support:

  • Regarding IQRF, wireless and DS-IOT-01:
  • Regarding Up board and Linux:

UP community by AAEON

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ZIP  StartUp Package – IQRF starter bundle with complete IoT-StarterKit-01 SW support
1 Jun 2017