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RF range extender

For DK-EVAL-04(A)

Product status: Preliminary  Info

  • Adapter to extend RF range of TR transceivers with built-in PCB antenna used with the DK-EVAL-04(A) development kit
  • To be plugged in DK-EVAL-04(A) development kit via SIM connector
  • Optimized for 868 MHz band

DK-EVAL-04(A) is optimized for space but not for the range. Thus, the range is shortened due to compressed PCB layout for about 50 % when used without RNG-EXT-01.

Counterpoise effect

RF range strongly depends on construction of the device, especially on PCB layout. One of the key factors is layout of the ground with respect to antenna location. Artificial ground can serve to extend the range when located on proper position to create antenna counterpoise. RF signal stays omnidirectional.

RNG-EXT-01 arranges ground planes of the DK-EVAL-04(A) kit in optimal distance towards PCB antenna built in TR transceiver. Thus, it works when used with DK-EVAL-04(A) only, optimally at 868 MHz band. The counterpoise effect at 916 MHz band is somewhat lower.

Tip   You can also use counterpoise in your antenna design.
To utilize counterpoise as much as possible in user equipment, antenna position should be designed individually for every specific case.

Typical usage

RNG-EXT-01 usage

Use the E09-LINK basic example for link/range check.