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TR-76D adapter

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An adapter for solderless development of TR-76D transceiver applications. It contains DCTR-76DA transceiver and the environment needed for efficient operation, testing and debug. All TR pins are accessible via connectors.

DDC-76D-01 is intended to be used with CK-USB-04A or DK-EVAL-04A development kits.

  • Internal DCTR-76DA transceiver
  • +3 V LDO voltage regulator
  • 1 pushbutton to control the transceiver
  • 2 LEDs controlled from the transceiver, disconnectable
  • 1 LED indicating the pushbutton pressing
  • All I/O pins protected by serial resistors
  • All I/Os accessible via connectors
  • Connectable to CK-USB-04A for TR upload, debug and operation or to DK-EVAL-04A for portable operation
  • Connectable up to two DDC development kits (DDC-IO-01 for comfortable managing TR I/O pins, DDC-SE-01 sensor kit or DDC-RE-01 relay kit)
  • Supplied from CK-USB-04A or DK-EVAL-04A
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Typical usage

Upload (TR programming):