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Development tools

  • Modular development kits - programmers, end node kits, …
  • Price-advantageous sets optimized for typical applications
  • RF scanner to analyse signals in the air
  • Efficient development SW - IDE, compilers, …

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IQRF wireless - videos

DS-START-03 and DS-DPA-01This video presents content of the basic IQRF development sets DS-START-03 and DS-DPA-01 and shows how to measure a range of IQRF modules in real conditions.

IQRF wireless - videos

Integrated Development Environment
This short video presents where to find and how to install IQRF IDE. It provides hints for IDE installation on PCs with Windows 8, as well.

IQRF wireless - videos

Custom DPA Handler
Learn how to modify predefined peripherals of the IQRF General Hardware Profile or how to create your own ones with your specific functionality.

IQRF wireless - videos

IQRF SDK - Software Development Kit
Take a look how to develop your own control device or SW based on the IQRF SDK Java library.