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Adapter to connect IQRF transceiver to Raspberry Pi

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Using Raspberry Pi with IQRF wireless is very easy.

  • Adapter to connect IQRF wireless transceiver to Raspberry Pi (via GPIO connector).
  • Connectable to all Raspberry Pi versions
  • For any SIM card compatible (DC)TR transceivers,
    e.g. (DC)TR-72D or (DC)TR-52D
  • (DC)TR connected typically as SPI slave
  • LED and pushbutton for user applications
  • I/O pins protected by controllable analog switch
  • (DC)TR power supply controlled from Raspberry Pi
  • SIM connector with metallic holder

Supported by IQRF SDK

IQRF Software Development Kit (SDK) is a platform enabling simple development of application software for devices programmable in Java or C(++) used with IQRF wireless transceivers. IQRF SDK supports Raspberry Pi (under Linux only for now) with libraries for Java and C enabling an access to Raspberry Pi GPIOs and SPI interface. The library implements SPI master for communication with the (DC)TR transceiver. Examples included in the library illustrate the access to GPIOs and SPI communication under the DPA framework for wireless applications without programming. The libraries and examples are plug and play when used with KON-RASP-01 kit.

» Raspberry Pi support in IQRF SDK

Typical usage

KON-RASP-01 usage
PDF  PCB component - for PCB design in PADS or Eagle, to include KON-RASP-01 into a user's own equipment
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