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Universal development kit for TR modules

Product status: Standard  Info

  • Host for TR modules in SIM card format
  • SIM connector with plastic holder
  • LiPol accumulator, charged via microUSB connector
  • Portable, space saving (48 x 27 x 11 mm)
  • Ideal for use in networks
  • Compatible with IQRF DDC kits

A user-specific functionality can be implemented by software in TR module.


The simpliest example of usage of 2 DK-EVAL-04A kits:

DK-EVAL-04A usage
PDF Stickers - Labels for description of interface connector pins
PDF  PCB component - for PCB design in PADS or Eagle, to create user's own DDC-like kits connectable to DK-EVAL-04A
INFO Product history - Release notes