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IQRF Startup package for OS v3.09D released .
11 May 2017
IQRF OS v3.09D for TR-7xDx released. This is completely the same as v3.08D but the only feature is added – observing Israel local goverment restrictions regarding fixed RF band and limited range of RF channels. When upgrading to OS v3.09D, TR-7xDx-IL transceiver is created from TR-7xDx. OS downgrade from v3.09D is restricted. It is meaningless to migrate from OS v3.08D to v3.09D unless the application should be operated in Israel. For new designs in Israel use OS v4.xxD.
11 May 2017
TR-72DA-IL and TR-76DA-IL transceiver versions released (intended for Israel, observing local RF band/channel restrictions).
11 May 2017
11 May 2017
CK-USB-04A and DK-EVAL-04A User' guides slightly updated.
4 May 2017
Development set IoT-StarterKit-01 for Internet of Things released.
28 Apr 2017
Application note AN014RF Range at (DC)TR-7xDx transceivers released.
25 Apr 2017


All IQRF transceivers in series TR-5xDx and TR-5xBx as well as all related products based on those TRs are going to be discontinued soon. The reason for this decision is the discontinuation of the main component (RF IC MRF49XA by Microchip).

We want to assure you that we are doing all we can to secure the stock and deliveries for all your orders that will be placed no later than 5 May 2017.


If it is however inevitable for you to start migrating to (DC)TR-7x, we are ready to support you with the process:

  • We offer all our support to migration. Our FAE and support teams are ready to give you maximal effort.
  • You will get the same pricing conditions (SPA) for DCTR-7xDx as they had for (DC)TR-5xDx or TR-5xBx.
  • As an initial support, we offer 20 pcs of DCTR-7x transceivers for very special price 5 EUR/pc to all our customers forced to migrate.

We are sure that the whole process, as much as sudden and difficult, especially at the transition phase, will only result in benefits to you in the end. (DC)TR-7xDx transceivers bring many advantages and better features, including security tools coming with OS v4.00D. They all work with the same development tools.

If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks for understanding.

Yours IQRF team.

20 Apr 2017
Development set DS-IOT-01 for Internet of Things released.
20 Apr 2017
GW-ETH-02A User's guide updated for FW v3.09, TR-7xD and IQRF OS v4.00D.
GW-WIFI-01 User's guide slightly updated.
14 Apr 2017
WiFi gateway GW-WIFI-01 released.
4 Apr 2017
Webinar New IQRF OS v4.00D with ultimate security available (video and PDF presentation).
30 Mar 2017
Videos How to make a network with IQRF OS 4.0 and How to upgrade IQRF OS available.
30 Mar 2017
IQRF Startup package for OS v4.00D, DPA v3.00 and IDE v4.40 released for TR-7xD transceivers. » Release notes.
23 Mar 2017
DPA v3.00 released. » Release notes.
23 Mar 2017
IQRF OS v4.00D with ultimate security based on AES-128 encryption and lots of other enhancements released. » Release notes.
23 Mar 2017
IQRF Quick start guide updated for IQRF OS v4.00D which will be released soon.
13 Mar 2017
13 Mar 2017
AN-01 antenna datasheet updated, parameters slightly extended.
17 Jan 2017
GW-USB-06-WMB User's guide released.
28 Nov 2016
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