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IQRF Startup package for OS v4.03D and IDE v4.49 released. » Release notes.
23 Nov 2018
23 Nov 2018

Serious bug in IQRF IDE v4.48 and Startup package version 5 Nov 2018 present.

If you have upgraded TRs to OS v4.03D using IQRF IDE v4.48 (using Change IQRF OS Wizard or IQMESH Network Manger / Upload (OTA)) it is possible that a wrong setting of service channels occurs. That is why no bonding is possible then. This wrong setting can be detected in IQRF IDE by reading out the TR Configuration (TR Configuration / Download). If service channels are incorrect, the message "The connected TR module contains invalid service channels…" is issued after this.


  • Install IQRF IDE v4.49.
  • Load Patch-Init2ndConfiguration.iqrf into the Project. This file can be found in your IQRF IDE installation folder, e.g. c:\Program Files (x86)\IQRF IDE4\Plug-ins\.
  • Upload this file into the TR.

This solution is not valid for:

  • TRs intended for Israel (TR-7xDA-IL)
  • TR-77Dx
  • TRs in 433 MHz band

Contact IQRF technical support in these cases.

We apologize for your inconvenience.

23 Nov 2018
Breakthrough functionalities Smart connect and Autonetwork v2 included in the last IQRF release.
6 Nov 2018
IQRF Startup package for OS v4.03D updated. » Release notes.
5 Nov 2018
5 Nov 2018
26 Oct 2018
IQRF Startup package for OS v4.03D. » Release notes.
26 Oct 2018
DPA v3.03 available. » Release notes.
26 Oct 2018
26 Oct 2018
IQRF Quick start guide updated for IQRF OS v4.03D.
26 Oct 2018
IQRF SPI and IQRF CDC Technical guides updated for OS v4.03D.
26 Oct 2018
TR-76D(A) 3D models in STEP (AutoCAD and SolidWorks) and EASM (eDrawings free viewer) available.
25 Sep 2018
DDC-SE-01 User' guide slightly updated.
18 Sep 2018
IQRF OS v4.02D User's guide and Reference guide for TR-7xD slightly revised.
14 Aug 2018
PCB libraries (PADS and Eagle) for IQRF-specific parts available.
14 Aug 2018
IQRF pricelist updated.
1 Aug 2018
Remote controller RC4-02 released.
24 Jul 2018
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