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Connecting devices to IoT via wireless mesh networks

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IQRF wireless is a respectable technology from EU, powerful, reliable and secure
but still for reasonable price and outstandingly easy to implement.

Unique features

  • Transceiver architecture with built in operating systempatented
  • IQMESH network protocol
  • Optional DPA layer for application without programmingpatented
  • Robust routing algorithms for really working wireless Mesh networkspatented
  • Extra low power
    • Not only in sleep - sub-µA
    • … also while receiving - 15 µA
    • … even during routing
    Low power modes: standard (STD), low power (LP) and extra low power (XLP), independently for receiving and transmitting.
  • Excellent networking
    • Up to 240 devices and 240 hops in single network
    • Unlimited number of devices and hops thanks to networks chaining - patented
    • Every transceiver can work as a network Coordinator or as common Node
    • Every Node can additionally route on background
    • Real-time Discovery (routing paths found automatically) for transparent addressing of randomly placed Nodes
    • FRC® - Fast Response Command – the fastest network control, management and data aggregation – patented
    • Bonding (network construction), Discovery and FRC also in low power mode
    • Dynamic timing (selectable number of hops and time slots), various routing algorithms to fit various topologies, …
  • Effective launching
    • RFPGM – wireless upload to upload application code into one or more TR transceivers simultaneously (over the air, in direct range)
    • Advanced network management tools – remote bonding of Nodes to network, backup (seamless replacement of network devices), …
    • Auto network - automated network selfconstruction
    • Gateways with dataloggers are Plug and play connectable to Internet, easily accessing wireless end devices from anywhere via free (or licensed) IQRF Cloud.
  • Low implementation costs
    • Cost-effective design
      • Rapid development, fast time-to-market
      • Neither special knowledge nor special RF instrumentation required
      • Inexpensive development kits
      • Free IQRF IDE - powerful SW environment for development, debug, network management, service and maintanance
      • Open source IQRF SDK development package for devices programmable in C or Java
    • Precertified
    • No license and carrier fees