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Technology for wireless

IQRF ® —  Complete solution for manufacturers

To make their products wireless, working in mesh networks
and optionally connected to Internet.
Simply, quickly, without high investment.
Free update of IQRF OS at factory
till end of November 2015. » More
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Build up your wireless mesh
network in a few minutes
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HWP Release notes

23 Aug 2015
  • Bug fixed:
    • Fixed an issue introduced at DPA V2.20 when Batch, Autoexec or IO Setup execution of embedded request is discontinued when one request does not match HWPID.
20 Aug 2015
  • Bug fixed:
    • Fixed an issue when a precise sleep calibration caused exceptionally a shorter time at the very next sleep session.
  • Changes and enhancements:
    • For (DC)TR-7xD and (DC)TR-5xD with IQRF OS v3.07D
4 Feb 2015
  • Bug fixed:
    • Fixed an issue when a precise sleep calibration (a part of OS/Sleep request) caused exceptionally an endless sleep of the device.
15 Jan 2015
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed an issue when PWM peripheral disabled [N] and [CN] devices until [WDT]reset is executed.
    • Fixed an issue when DpaEvent_Interrupt executed clrdwt() as the 1st statement at the Custom DPA Handler (i.e. obligatory Handler presence mark) thus causing WDT being cleared every time when an interrupt was raised.
24 Nov 2014
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed an issue when a module startup time was significantly delayed in case of a strong service channel jamming
    • DpaTicks variable "frequency" fixed, it was slower by +0.8%
14 Nov 2014
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed an issue when NADR did not contain original sender address at (1.) DpaEvent_Notification event at [C] device or (2.) inside Batch request
    • Fixed an issue when NADR did not contain recipient address at DpaEvent_DpaRequest event when DPA request was part of Batch (or Autoexec) request
    • Fixed an issue at [C] device where asynchronous or local request might not be executed (because of internal HWPID variable was not initialized) until enumeration of [C] peripherals was performed
    • Fixed an issue where at CMD_OS_SLEEP wake up on pin did not work when the calibration was initiated too (always the 1st time the CMD_OS_SLEEP was requested)
    • Fixed an issue when using CMD_IO_SET as a part of Autoexec or CMD_OS_BATCH might cause device malfunction
    • Flushing internal buffers of SPI or UART before calling IQRF OS functions that use shared bufferCOM or when device is going to sleep or reset
    • Improved disabling/enabling SPI/UART peripherals/interfaces before calling IQRF OS functions that use shared bufferCOM or when device is going to sleep or reset
  • Changes and enhancements:
    • Foursome parameters NAdr, PNum, PCmd capitalized to NADR, PNUM and PCMD.
    • Foursome parameter HwProfile renamed to HWPID.
    • Updated timing recommendation, see DPA Confirmation.
    • DpaEvent_None event renamed to DpaEvent_DpaRequest.
    • CMD_OS_SLEEP - Control bit.0 and bit.3 functionality enhanced and changed.
    • Brown-out Reset disabled after device starts.
    • Extra 32 bytes added to both EEPROM and EEEPROM peripherals.
    • IQRF OS variable DataOutBeforeResponseFRC type changed from uns16 to uns8[30].
    • System DPA value bit 0 returns value of DSMactivated variable.
    • DpaApiSendToIFaceMaster has a new parameter.
    • User DPA Value is stored at UserDpaValue variable. It is not transferred via userReg0 variable at Idle event only anymore.
    • Set Hops does not limit number of hops to the VRN of the addressed and discovered node anymore.
    • UART interface uses more sophisticated 8-bit CRC instead of simple XOR checksum to protect data.
    • DpaApiSendToIFaceMaster works even when IFacemasterNotConnected is set in case when UART interface is used.
    • DpaApiRfTxDpaPacketCoordinator now returns number of hops to deliver DPA response back to coordinator.
  • Features added:
    • Full low-power (LP) support (i.e. bonding, Discovery and FRC)
    • FRC Acknowledged Broadcast
    • Custom DPA Handler auto-detection
    • IO Setup (early Autoexec)
    • Extra 32 bytes memory space added to EEPROM and external EEPROM peripherals
4 Jun 2014
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed an issue of DpaApiLocalRequest() API call to allow Custom DPA Handler Interrupt event (now only this event is enabled during the call) to be raised. Missing Interrupt event might cause deadlock resulting in WDT reset.
    • Fixed an issue where custom peripheral did not return an error (PNum was not set to PNUM_ERROR_FLAG) at [C] and [CN] devices.
13 May 2014
  • Features added:
    • Every DPA Request/Response contains new 2B HwProfile parameter, see General message parameters.
    • Changes of parameters or response results of the following commands, services or API:
    • [C] device sends Reset message upon startup, see Device startup process.
    • Notification event called even after read-only DPA response.
    • Custom DPA Handler location and reserved Flash memory size changed and events renumbered. Custom DPA Handler must be recompiled and uploaded.
    • Custom DPA Handler must use case DpaEvent_None: instead of default:
    • Event DpaEvent_Async renamed to DpaEvent_AfterRouting.
    • Node can address the coordinator by COORDINATOR_ADDRESS or LOCAL_ADDRESS.
    • Changed LED indication of the forbidden address upon Node startup at demo mode.
    • LED peripherals are not limited to demo version only.
22 Oct 2013
  • Features added:
    • IDE Project, configuration files and documentation included in the Demo.
3 Oct 2013
  • First HWP release.


Product history

FW v1.05   SPI communication with TR module in USB CDC class improved.(16 Oct 2013)

FW v1.03   First release (25 Jan 2013)


Automated Inventory System with IQRF

These days, systems for inventorying and property protection are usually passive technical solutions using bar codes or RFID tags. These must be installed in combination with protective gates or must be personally supervised. Such systems do not provide the convenience of combining inventory and goods protection.

IQRF Automated Inventory System (AIS) is a wireless communication system for localization, data collection and control for use in the industrial sphere, stores, shops, or logistics centers. The main purpose of automated inventory systems is to take inventory of goods, components, vehicles and other items in a particular space without handwork. Automated methods are much faster and cheaper, while IQRF wireless technology renders systems even more flexible and efficient.

This system makes it possible to track the position and movement of objects within a given space by IQRF smart transceivers. IQRF transceivers are active identification units working as bidirectional wireless communicators. This allows the whole system to be operated by a superior unit and to work in real time, which ensures the active protection of all the objects. Implementation of the IQRF AIS does not affect everyday operation but, on the contrary, is quite advantageous for the automation of manufacturing processes.

What more can be done with IQRF AIS? The system may collect data such as temperature, humidity, change of an object's position, access to an object, status of an object and other details of inventoried items. IQRF transceivers may control inventoried items and communicate simple commands in response to collected data.

Organize your data efficiently, take your inventory in a modern way, and have easy access to data in time with the IQRF Automated Inventory System. Utilize the benefits of automated inventory with clear identification and localization, an active system of goods protection, lower installation costs, access to relevant data, and significant savings.

Quick Start Guide updated.
IQRF IDE v4.08.


Release notes 25 Jul 2015

  • Added new DCTR transceivers: DCTR-72DA, DCTR-72DAT, DCTR-72DC, DCTR-72DCT, DCTR-76D, DCTR-76DA
  • Added new TR transceivers: TR-72DA, TR-72DAT, TR-72DC, TR-72DCT, TR-76D, TR-76DA
  • Added new w-Mbus transceivers in EAP: TR-72DA(WMB), TR-72DAT(WMB), TR-72DC(WMB), TR-72DCT(WMB), TR-76D(WMB), TR-76DA(WMB)
  • Added new gateways (DCTR-72DA inside): GW-ETH-02A (72D), GW-WIFI-01 (72D), GW-GSM-02A (72D)
  • Added new development sets with DCTR-72DAT: DS-START-04 (72D), DS-DPA-02 (72D)
  • Slight change of ordering codes for gateways - marking for DCTR-52DA module included inside: GW-GSM-02A (52D), GW-WIFI-01 (52D), GW-ETH-02A (52D), GW-ETH-02A (52D), GW-WIFI-01 (52D), GW-GSM-02A (52D)

SPI - Implementation in IQRF TR modules


  • 120919 – Updated for IQRF OS v3.02D (Module Info reading added). SPI timing described in more details. Example 3 (Repeated reading after communication failure) added.
  • 120810 - Updated for IQRF OS v3.01D (packet length up to 64 B).
  • 101223 - Updated for IQRF OS v3.00.
  • 100310 - Completely revised. Example added.
  • 090427 - _SPIbusy and _SPIwrite flags not documented. Use getStatusSPI() instead of _SPIbusy.
  • 080516 - First release.

MPUSB Custom device example


  • 6 Feb 2013, v1.02
    • Communication up to 64 user bytes with TR module supported
    • USB_Read_Write routine modified
    • More comments added
    • Project for C++ Builder XE3
  • 8 Aug 2012
    • mpusbapi.dll updated
    • OpenUSB function improved
    • Other minor improvements
    • Project for C++ Builder XE2


Product history

v4.31 (21 Sep 2015)

  • Bug fixed
    • Minor repairs and improvements.
  • Changes and enhancements
    • Licenced memory renamed to Extended memory (now available without any license).
    • Change IQRF OS Wizard allows to upgrade (DC)TR-5xD modules from OS v3.06D to OS v3.07D build 0852.
    • GW-USB-06 fully supported.
    • CK-USB-04A FW 1.13 added to the IQRF Device Manager.
      • Faster SPI for communication with TR-7xD modules.
    • Packet Inspector:
      • PDATA subsection added to the Protocol - DPA section
      • On double click or Enter key pressing to any Protocol section item the corresponding item in the Data section is highlighted and vice versa.
  • Features added
    • Project to Archive feature allows to archive complete Project to a ZIP file.
    • SPI Speed selection for CK-USB-04A with FW 1.13 and higher.
    • Check for Update item added to the Help menu.

v4.30 (18 Aug 2015)

  • Bug fixed
    • Minor repairs and improvements.
  • Changes and enhancements
    • DPA v2.20 supported.
    • OS 3.07D supported.
    • TR-76D supported.
    • GW-USB-06 supported (beta).
    • Terminal - DPA Test available also in DPA service mode.
    • TR Module Reset hot key changed to "Ctrl+F2".
    • New version of compiler included: CC5X Version 3.5C FREE edition.
    • New version of CATS plug-in included: CATS v1.03.
      • DSM channel setting for DPA v2.20.
    • Web page icons on Project Properties - TR Module and Build windows added.
    • F5 hotkey can be used also for Upload from opened TR Configuration window.
    • Project window:
      • Folders supported in file sections.
      • File sorting.
      • Direct file upload via the popup menu.
      • Drag and Drop of folders with various files (C, HEX, IQRF, XML) from external applications.
  • Features added
    • COM communication channel in IQRF Device Manager.
    • Change IQRF OS Wizard - allows to upgrade/downgrade OS in TR modules.
    • Alternative DSM channel (DPA Service Mode) for DPA v2.20.
    • Selection of separator between columns of copied data to the Windows clipboard.

v4.23 (10 Apr 2015)

  • Bug fixed
    • IQMESH Netrwork Manager: too short timeout for communication in LP mode with Nodes in zone 0.
    • Minor repairs and improvements.
  • Changes and enhancements
    • DPA v2.13 supported.
    • OS 3.07D supported (beta).
    • HEXCODES.H file added into CC5X installation folder.
    • Windows® XP no longer supported (not tested, support limited).
    • Windows® 10 supported (beta).
    • WinUSB CDC/Custom USB drivers.
  • Features added
    • UDP communication channel in IQRF Device Manager.
    • Internal / External EEPROM verification during TR upload (for OS 3.07D and higher).
    • Import IQMESH Network Map from XML file. Usable also for non DPA applications (from OS 3.04D and higher).
    • IQRF WinUSB devices supported (beta).

v4.22 - non-public release

v4.21 (26 Jan 2015)

  • Bug fixed
    • Minor repairs and improvements.
  • Changes and enhancements
    • DPA 2.12 supported.
    • Nested network (2nd level) supported in IQMESH Network Manager (beta).
    • CK-USB-04A FW 1.10 added to the IQRF Device Manager.
      • New USB modes CDC SPI and CDC UART added. See CK-USB-04A FW v1.10 User´s guide for details.
      • Buttons control and LEDs indication modified.
    • Set MID button renamed to Clone, launches the Clone MID Wizard now.
  • Features added
    • Clone MID Wizard.
    • IQRF Cloud communication channel in IQRF Device Manager.
    • USB modes CDC SPI and CDC UART.

v4.20 (11 Nov 2014)

  • Bug fixed
    • Minor repairs and improvements.
  • Changes and enhancements
    • IQRF OS 3.06D supported.
    • DPA 2.10 supported.
    • TR-53D supported.
    • GW-GSM-02A supported (beta).
    • GW-ETH-02A supported (beta).
    • GW-WIFI-01 supported (beta).
    • USB Device Manager redesigned and renamed to IQRF Device Manager.
    • Delta Time column in Terminal Log window added.
    • FCC ID added to TR Module Information window.
    • Hot keys for desktop selection changed.
  • Features added
    • Breakpoints window added.
    • GW Tool for GW-ETH-02x and GW-GSM-02A configuration.
    • CATS
      • Connecting to DPA device with specific MID.
      • Scan of available DPA devices in DSM mode.
    • RFPGM Standard
      • System packets supported.
      • Low power mode supported.
    • External EEPROM upload supported.
    • Description tab in TR Configuration window added.
    • Quick Access feature for quick USB device selection.

v4.19 - non-public release

v4.18 - non-public release

v4.17 (4 Jun 2014)

  • Bug fixed
    • Minor repairs and improvements
  • Features added
    • DPA v2.01 supported.
    • Button Set to Project in the TR Module Information window. Enables to set the TR Module item in Project window according to the connected TR module.

v4.16 (13 May 2014)

  • Bugs fixed
    • Version of configuration data was not saved in TR module when uploading TR Configuration using F5 hot key.
    • Problem with CATS or RF Programmer Standard detection when switched using USB Device Manager.
    • Upload using F5 did not work if no HEX file selected (e.g. only IQRF and XML files).
    • Minor repairs and improvements.

v4.15 (30 Apr 2014)

  • Bugs fixed
    • Incorrect zone number displaying in Table View of IQMESH Network Manager.
    • Not working sending of LED On/Off commands via popup menu on Coordinator in Map View of IQMESH Network Manager.
  • Features added
    • IQRF OS 3.05D supported.
    • DPA v2.00 supported.
    • TR-72D module supported (beta).
    • GW-ETH-02 supported.
    • GW-WIFI-01 supported (beta).
    • Tested for WIN 8.1.
    • New version of CC5X compiler 3.5 FREE.
    • New version of plug-in RFPGM Standard v1.04.
    • IQMESH Network Manager:
      • DPA Enumaration added.
      • Table View extended.
      • Networking data Backup / Restoration added.
      • Module ID setting added.
    • CATS Service Tool added.
    • DPA version selection moved from DPA Test to Project window and Project Properties.
    • Terminal Macros:
      • Terminal Macro names extended to 100 characters.
      • Macro hint shows whole name, data and confirmation state.
    • NAdr in Terminal DPA Test can be locked. Useful when working with macros.
    • Watch window:
      • Watch tab names extended to 30 characters.
      • Comment column extended to 50 characters.
    • Identification of HW type of connected TR module (valid for IQRF OS 3.05D or higher).
    • Link to Notepad++ added to Home window.
    • Help menu:
      • Hot Keys item added.
      • Tips and Tricks item added.

v4.14 (15 Oct 2013)

  • Bugs fixed
    • A problem with IQRF file reading - an error in date and time conversion depending on regional Windows setup.
    • Not working Help when launched using the What is this? function on tabs Watch 2, 3 and 4.
    • Not working button Save Map in the IQMESH Network Manager window.
    • The sound disabling on RF programmer connecting did not work (Tools - Options - Sound - RF Programmer Alert).
  • Features added
    • Remote bonding supported in IQMESH Network Manager.
    • Firmware update of IQRF USB devices supported (replacing the IQRF UDU upgrading software used previously).
    • IQMESH Network Manager - Table View - Supply Voltage is now displayed directly in Volts.
    • CK-USB-04A device supported.
    • The Watch window displays variables mapped in IQRF OS buffers.
    • Checkboxes for selecting of file types to be uploaded by F5 added into the Project window.
    • Possibility to include more files at the same time to the Project window.
    • By doubleclick on detected error or warning in the Build window the given location in the editor is displayed
      (only if the Notepad++ editor is used).
    • Possibility to cancel Upload by the Alt+X keys.
    • Extended functionality of the mouse wheel when selecting an item from a pull-down menu.

v4.13 (6 Sep 2013)

  • Bugs fixed
    • Invalid Watchdog Timer Period in Watch window when "B" modules debugged.
    • Copy to clipboard in Terminal - Data to send does not work correctly if Use Numbers feature active.
  • Features added
    • IQMESH Network Manager (non-beta version).
    • TR Configuration.
    • Command line option (-DIQRFOS=xxx) according to selected IQRF OS version added.
    • RF Programing Standard supported with parameters setting.
    • Sound indication when the RF programmer is connected.
    • Column Messages added in Build window.
    • IQRF OS 3.04D supported.
    • TR-58D module supported.
    • GW-GSM-02 supported.
    • Clear History in Compiler Location popup menu added.
    • Clear History of sent packets in Terminal - Data to send popup menu added.
    • Terminal - Auto Repeat period setting changed from seconds to multiples of 100 ms.
    • List of MCU registers in Watch window extended.
    • Checkbox Confirmation added to Edit Macro window.

v4.12 (29 May 2013)

  • DPA Configuration renamed to HWP Configuration (beta version)
  • IQMESH Network Manager for DPA supporting applications (beta version)

v4.11 (7 May 2013)

  • Bugs fixed
    • Unhandled exceptions in function "Event on source file change" if the source file was placed in a network storage.
    • Status bar did not display TR module state in debugging mode.
    • Wrong displaying of characters '&', '<', '>' and '"' in the Terminal Log window.
    • Values of 32 bit variables greater than 80000000 were displayed as 0 when displayed in BIN format.
  • Features added
    • Packet Inspector (non beta)
    • "What is this?" help
    • TR-56Dx modules supported
    • Data entering in SPI Test can be switched: hexadecimal / decimal
    • Project Properties - Build - Compiler - Location saves the history of compiler versions used
    • Possibility to export logs to XML
    • Item Clear all Macro Sets added to pop-up menu above macros
    • Check USB Device renamed to Indicate USB Device
    • In the Project window:
      • Important Files
      • Drag and Drop for items in all sections
      • Open file location
      • Remove All in popup menu Project
      • Drag and Drop between Windows Explorer and the Project window (including multiple files to the Project at the same time is also possible)
      • Setting of file attributes using pop-up menu of given file - File Properties item
    • Watch window:
      • Changes in individual bits of values in BIN format highlighted in red.
      • Column width can be optimized by double click to the separating line between the columns.
    • DPA (Direct Peripheral Addressing) supported (beta version):
      • Terminal Mode: DPA Test
      • Project window - DPA configuration
    • Some other improvements

v4.10 (19 Feb 2013)

  • Bug fixed
    • Licensed Flash upload was depended on Windows local settings
    • The '<' a '>' characters were displayed incorrectly in the Terminal Log window
  • Features added
    • USB Device Manager
      • Summary of USB devices connected
      • Filtration
      • Possibility to assign a name (alias)
      • Windows desktop shortcut creation to invoke IDE with dedicated USB device
    • Terminal Log window reworked
      • Faster communication
      • Data buffered (200.000 records max.)
      • Packet Inspector (beta version)
    • Enable event on source file change (see menu Tools-Options-Editors)
    • Create Desktop Shortcut (see menu Project)
    • New menu USB Device
    • Menu Programming modified
    • Known problem t120522_1_402 fixed
    • Status Bar modified
    • New version of CC5X compiler 3.4I
    • Relative paths to Project files supported

v4.09 (22 Jan 2013)

  • Bug fixed
    • When Macros had been imported the .iqrfmcr extensions were set in all other Open dialogs, not allowed to be changed.
  • Features added
    • Tested for Windows 8 (32 bit, 64 bit)
    • GW-USB-05 supported

v4.08 (16 Nov 2012)

  • Features added
    • TR-55D supported
    • Erase TR module
    • Erase Before Upload
    • Create/Remove RF Programmer
    • User adjustable Toolbar
    • Show USB device info by doubleclick on status bar
    • Show TR module info by doubleclick on status bar
    • Menu Programmer modified
    • Project Properties window modified
    • Key shortcuts for layout switching

v4.07 (22 Sep 2012)

  • Bug fixed
    • In some circumstances, the Use Numbers function incorrectly displayed 4B numbers.
    • Values in Watch window stayed highlighted in red even not beeing changed on following reading.
  • Features added
    • Upload with verification (see menu Project Properties - Device). For TR modules from OS 3.02D only.
    • Sound alerts (see menu Tools - Options - Sound Options).
    • Copy Value and Copy Row in Watch window (click on a Watch item by right mouse button).
    • Auto Skip Breakpoint With/Without Data Reading (see menu Debug).
    • Automated check for IQRF IDE upgrades and news on the IQRF website (see menu Tools - Options - Environment Options).
    • Terminal Log, Upload Log, Output and Build window can also be stored as the CSV file.
    • Export Macros and Import Macros (see menu File).
    • Build+Upload on Shift+F10.
    • Project Properties window.
    • Settings relating to the Project are replaced from menu Tools - Options to the Project Properties window.
    • TR module selection changed. Now this is selected through the Project Properties - Device window.
    • Pre-Build and Post-Build Step (see Project Properties - Build).
    • Possibility to attach a text description to a Project (see Project Properties - File).
    • Known problem t120806_1_404 fixed. Now IQRF IDE supports communication with bufferCOM in full 64 B length.
    • Automatical installation of USB drivers (Custom and CDC classes) during IQRF IDE installation. For Windows® Vista and Windows 7 only.
    • IQRF OS 3.03D supported.
    • Tips and Tricks added to the Help.

v4.06 (14 Sep 2012)

  • Bug fixed
    • If compiled application code contained some code address offset using #pragma origin (e.g. user interrupt routine), the upload was not performed correctly.

v4.05 (13 Sep 2012)

  • Bugs fixed
    • If compiled application code contained less than 9 instruction, no upload was performed.
    • If the Project contained no HEX file, IQRF file was not uploaded by the F5 key.
    • If Debug tables were configured to display values in decimal format, the details window (the right mouse button click on the table cell) showed incorrect values.
  • Features added
    • OS 3.02D supported.
    • TR module selection modified. Not only TR module but also OS version is selected in the Project.
    • OS version check (selected in Project vs. connected TR module).
    • RF programmer (TR module with the RFPGM plug-in) detection. For TR modules from OS 3.02D only.
    • Check whether uploaded plug-in is intended for connected TR module. For plug-ins released after 10 Sep 2012 only.
    • Plug-in properties displaying. For plug-ins released after 10 Sep 2012 only.
    • W register added in the Watch window.
    • Values in Watch window are right justified.
    • Autosave of Upload Log window.

v4.04 (1 Aug 2012) » Download from archive

  • Non-beta version
  • Non-beta Help included (ENG, CZ)
  • Watch window properties implemented
  • Comment column added in Watch window

v4.03 beta (15 Jun 2012)

  • Watch window implemented
  • Licence Manager added in menu Tools
  • Beta version of Help included (ENG, CZ)
  • GSM gateway SHD-GSM-D01 supported

v4.02 beta (26 Apr 2012)

  • Debug implemented, without watch windows

v4.01 beta (3 Apr 2012)

  • Maximal length of data to send in Terminal is extended from 41 to 60 characters
  • Error in uploading discontinuous areas in EEPROM fixed
  • Some minor enhancements

v4.00 beta (1 Apr 2012)

  • Full featured project oriented IDE
  • For TR-52B, TR-53B, TR-52D, TR-54D or higher
  • Complete replacement of IDE v3.00 beta

v3.00 beta (25 May 2011)

  • Not recommended, use v4.xx instead
  • No support is provided

The predecessor: IQRF IDE 2 v2.08 (2008 - 2012), for TR-11A, TR-21A, TR-31B, TR-32B (and optionally TR-52B and TR-53B).


Product history

FW v2.00 (2 Apr 2013)

  • For TR-52D inside the GW-ETH-01 and for GW-ETH Tool v 1.04.
    But datalogger still supports packets up to 41 B only.

FW v1.06 (20 Jul 2012)

  • Bug fixed: Some packets could be lost when communicating via TCP and UDP at the same time.

FW v1.04 (20 Jul 2012)

  • Updated for TCP/IP stack 5.36 with improved HTTPS connection.

FW v1.03 (22 Jun 2010)

  • Plug-ins to TR modules supported. For GW-ETH Tool v 1.03 or v1.02.

FW v1.02 (13 Jan 2010)

  • Datalogger and Safe mode implemented. For GW-ETH Tool v 1.01

FW v1.01 (9 Apr 2008)

  • First release. For TR-52B inside the GW-ETH-01 and for GW-ETH Tool v 1.00



  • 10 Jul 2012 – Updated for for TR-52D.
  • 21 Feb 2012 – First release for TR-52B.

1 Nov 2015 - 29 Feb 2016
24 Nov 2015
Breakout boards IQRF-BB-01 and IQRF-BB-02 released.
20 Nov 2015
KON-RASP-01 User's guide slightly updated.
10 Nov 2015
GW-ETH-02A User's guide updated for FW v2.74.
10 Nov 2015
TR-56D datasheet updated (HW revisions added).