Technology for wireless

TR-77D series

Smart transceiver

Product status: Preliminary  Info

  • High resistivity against external interferences and noise
  • 868 MHz band, channels 45 to 67 only, SAW filter
  • High RF power (8 mW)
  • 12 I/O pins
  • Very low power consumption
  • Serial EEPROM 32 KB
  • Antenna options: soldering pad-hole or on-board PCB antenna
  • No temperature sensor, 2 LEDs
  • No LDO voltage regulator, power supply 3.0 V to 3.4 V
  • Intended for SMT mounting,
    pluging into SIM connector KON-SIM-02 possible.
  • A lot of interfacing possibilities
» Recommended circuit for development

TR-77D block schematics

Ordering codes

Type Antenna option
TR-77D Soldering pad-hole
TR-77DA On-board PCB antenna

The transceivers are provided with current OS version and disabled RFPGM (wireless upload) after reset.
Older OS versions or versions with enabled RFPGM are available on request.

PDF  MCU datasheet - PIC16LF1938
PDF  AN010 - Application note SMT mounting of IQRF TR modules
INFO  Product history - Release notes
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